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Gas safe registration


For more information on our Gas Safe registration please visit​

Gas  safe
Gas safe

All our gas safe activities are carried out using the latest technology.

We test all appliances with the latest Anton eVo V3 Gas Analyser which complies with the gas safety legislation.

Not only does our technology cover all aspect of gas safety, it also links seamlessly to our handheld devices enabling us to issue certificates and various Flue Gas Analyser (FGA) reports.  

  • Advice notes

  • Central heating, commissioning/inspection

  • CP12 Gas safety reports

    • Domestic

    • Landlord

    • Homeowner

  • Warning notices

  • Gas rate calculations

In addition we can:

  • Create real time quotations

  • Generate invoices

  • Take online payment 

  • Set up automatic schedules  to remind when your next boiler service is due


Our technology provides useful tools and calculators, with a seamless interaction with our analysers, unlocking the full functionality and features of all Gas Safe regulations. The full range of calculation tools for the following:

  • Gas rate 

  • Pipe size

  • Ventilation 

  • Radiator output 

  • Energy conversion 

  • Gas  pressure 

  • Gas temperature

  • CO2 


All can be emailed directly to our customers instantly (upon receipt of payment) with personalised PDF reports.  The benefits extend beyond the reports.


Finally we understand the importance and value of our customer database, therefore for security reasons our customer details are only saved locally on our devices and are not linked to any external databases or “Cloud”.  No-one has access to your customer information except Guildford Plumbing & Heating.


An example  Gas Safe certificate is  displayed below.

Example Gas Saw certificate (CP12)

Gas safety record CP12
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